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negative marketing

Negative Marketing

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Negative Marketing Carries a Much Higher Price All activity by construction companies is a form of marketing. It will either be positive or negative marketing. Large multi-nationals spend thousands of pounds on advertising literature. These glossies and their websites boast of their accreditations, their achievements, workforce and completed projects. However,…

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Construction Marketing Tools

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Construction Marketing Tools I want to introduce you to a couple of very important construction marketing tools which can be used by Building Contractors and Construction Consultants alike. The reason most construction companies do not keep a record is usually because they think they hold all of this information in…

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Social Media Marketing

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Without doubt, some organisations working within the construction industry are still viewing social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) as simply a tool for the “marketing people” – at best as a way of keeping up with what’s happening within the sector and firing off marketing messages into the ether, at worst a time-consuming fad.

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