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Posts tagged with ‘Architects’

  • Constructing a Marketing Plan

    What does your job as a construction manager entail on a daily basis? Meeting with planners and architects? Reviewing structural…

    by John
  • Calling Contractors and Consultants

    Every industry today is caught up in the marketing revolution and construction is no exception. There are many builders, architects,…

    by John
  • Relationally Cool

    I have read with interest lately the commentary about the use of the telephone for making contact with prospective work…

    by John
  • Marketing personality

    I have decided that every company has a personality which impacts on their marketing. This works both ways; good and…

    by John
  • What is a Blog?

    I was asked a simple question recently by a painting contractor. “What is a Blog?” Interesting, because I thought he…

    by John
  • Architect, Engineer – Differentiate!

    How do you differentiate your construction practice? Competitor differentiation is an important aspect of marketing for any business. What makes…

    by John
  • Website for Architects

    Aspects of an Architect’s Website With the majority of people now turning to Google and other search engines when sourcing…

    by John
  • Do Architects and Engineers really need a Blog?

    Do architects and engineering practices really need a blog? After all, if youโ€™re a competitive firm of architects or engineers,…

    by John