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  • Social Media

    I am often asked how the construction industry is incorporating social media in to their marketing plan. In all honesty…

    by John
  • Using The Right Tools

    We ย have all heard ย about managing our time on social media because it can become a real ‘time drain.’ Social…

    by John
  • Mr Architect – The World Awaits You

    Mr Architect – the world awaits you…….and Mrs, Miss, Ms and Master… Social Media is both fascinating and daunting, creating…

    by John
  • Construction and Social Media

    How is the construction industry incorporating social media? Without doubt, some organisations working within the construction industryย  are still viewing…

    by John
  • Richard Branson and You

    Have you read Richard Branson’s blog or do you follow him on Twitter? Interesting question you might say but how…

    by John
  • Unconvinced About Social Media

    Unconvinced?ย  Some social media marketing statistics for cynical construction professionals If youโ€™re yet to be convinced that social media marketing…

    by John
  • Handy Social Media Tips

    Handy social media marketing tips and resources There are many โ€œsocial media marketingโ€ experts and guides out there to help…

    by John
  • David and Goliath

    Most of us will have heard the Old Testament story of David and Goliath. Goliath a huge man, nearly nine…

    by John
  • What Is Social Media?

    So, what is social media? Social media marketing is quite simply, a platform by which organisations and individuals can communicate…

    by John
  • Which are the best Social Media sites to use?

    Over the last few years, as the purpose behind social media marketing became clearer and its advantages became more widely…

    by John