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  • What do you want?

    It is easy to get in to the habit of churning out posts and sending them hoping that what is…

    by John
  • Don’t neglect the obvious

    I understand that the general consensus in marketing circles is that it costs six to seven times more to acquire…

    by John
  • Blogging

    The word โ€˜Blogโ€™ comes from โ€˜web logโ€™ which is an on line diary. ย You can share your thoughts and activities…

    by John
  • Social Media

    I am often asked how the construction industry is incorporating social media into their marketing plan. In all honesty, I…

    by John
  • Constructing a Marketing Plan

    What does your job as a construction manager entail on a daily basis? Meeting with planners and architects? Reviewing structural…

    by John
  • Talk is Cheap

    I have just read an article about Usain Bolt, who is currently the world’s fastest man. The article refers to…

    by John
  • Relationally Cool

    I have read with interest lately the commentary about the use of the telephone for making contact with prospective work…

    by John
  • Law of the Vital Few

    How should construction firms use the Pareto Principle? Vilfredo Pareto was an Italian economist who observed in 1906 that 80%…

    by John
  • Differentiate

    How do you differentiate your construction business? Competitor differentiation is an important aspect of marketing for any business. The objective…

    by John
  • Effective Sales Letters

    The format for every sales letter is pretty much the same.ย  There is some argument in the industry, however, whether…

    by John