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  • The Benefits of A Marketing Audit

    A Marketing Audit will provide a number of very significant benefits to your construction business. It has been developed with…

    by John
  • measure marketing

    Lessons In Effective Marketing

    I have just completed developing and writing an on line Marketing Audit for small business owners within the construction industry.…

    by John
  • Service Excellence

    A Marketing Audit โ€“ The Place to Start. I recently read an article on what it takes to sustain service…

    by John
  • Speaking personally

    There is a very worrying trend within the construction industry amongst contractors, consultants and clients alike. I am not too…

    by John
  • What do you want?

    It is easy to get in to the habit of churning out posts and sending them hoping that what is…

    by John
  • LinkedIn or Left Out

    While talking about social media I thought it was about time that we looked at some of the key reasons…

    by John
  • Twitter for Construction sceptics

    I was chatting with an architect just the other day on the phone as I do so often and the…

    by John
  • In Search of Tenders

    I have worked in the construction industry for long enough to know that one of the most important elements for…

    by John
  • Using The Right Tools

    We ย have all heard ย about managing our time on social media because it can become a real ‘time drain.’ Social…

    by John
  • Are Engineers structurally sound?

    Blogging for Engineers is a structurally sound idea. Period! In fact, it would be a valuable exercise to ย calculate the…

    by John