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  • marketing tools

    Construction Marketing Tools

    Construction Marketing Tools I want to introduce you to a couple of very important construction marketing tools which can be…

    by John
  • The Benefits of A Marketing Audit

    A Marketing Audit will provide a number of very significant benefits to your construction business. It has been developed with…

    by John
  • Service Excellence

    A Marketing Audit โ€“ The Place to Start. I recently read an article on what it takes to sustain service…

    by John
  • Hard Work, Fair Payment

    It was last week when I sent out a post about late payments in construction, contractors taking more risks, receiving…

    by John
  • Speaking personally

    There is a very worrying trend within the construction industry amongst contractors, consultants and clients alike. I am not too…

    by John
  • Personal word for Marketers

    This may well be a personal word for marketers. I recently read a story about a very well respected elderly…

    by John
  • Connect With Others

    I am told that in order to reach peak performance in a sport an athlete must go through what is…

    by John
  • Builda Blog!

    We all know what a Blog is and why Architects, Builders, Painting Contractors and Electrical Contractors et al should have…

    by John
  • What is a Blog?

    I was asked a simple question recently by a painting contractor. “What is a Blog?” Interesting, because I thought he…

    by John
  • Traditional Marketing?

    With the advent of Social Media Marketing, does traditional marketing still have a place? Marketers have for years, preached about…

    by John