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  • marketing tools

    Construction Marketing Tools

    Construction Marketing Tools I want to introduce you to a couple of very important construction marketing tools which can be…

    by John
  • The Benefits of A Marketing Audit

    A Marketing Audit will provide a number of very significant benefits to your construction business. It has been developed with…

    by John
  • measure marketing

    Lessons In Effective Marketing

    I have just completed developing and writing an on line Marketing Audit for small business owners within the construction industry.…

    by John
  • Service Excellence

    A Marketing Audit โ€“ The Place to Start. I recently read an article on what it takes to sustain service…

    by John
  • Speaking personally

    There is a very worrying trend within the construction industry amongst contractors, consultants and clients alike. I am not too…

    by John
  • What do you want?

    It is easy to get in to the habit of churning out posts and sending them hoping that what is…

    by John
  • Personal word for Marketers

    This may well be a personal word for marketers. I recently read a story about a very well respected elderly…

    by John
  • Designing a Website

    Having a website designed and developed is one of the key decisions you will make for your business. I have…

    by John
  • Plan of Action

    It is always good to sit around the table with a new client. There is a feeling that this is…

    by John
  • Information Overload

    I have felt to break from my subject of ‘marketing’ in this post to speak personally about an issue which…

    by John