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Designing a Website

Designing a Website
February 12, 2013 John

web solutionHaving a website designed and developed is one of the key decisions you will make for your business. I have written a little about this on our blog,ย Anatomy Of A Website. ย It is important that you understand what you want your site to do for your business.

Try to focus your attention on what your clients will be looking for when doing this by drafting a profile of their needs. You might find this questionnaire helpful.ย An Effective Web Solution

The site will be looked at frequently to ascertain if you offer what they, the prospective client is looking for before they make a purchase. So, here are a few pointers to consider when refreshing a site or having a new one designed.

1.ย Look at a webย Content Management Systemย (CMS). This will allow you to create and input new data without having to call upon your designer each time. We use and highly recommendย

2.ย Write a Planย for your site. Think about your reason for the website, what are your goals and objectives, target audience and the look and feel of the final product. It may take several attempts to get this right but rather on scrap paper than expensive changes carried out by the design team.

3.ย Make sure yourย Homepage informsย people about what you do. I understand that it takes about 6 seconds to convince people before they leave. It needs to impact!

4.ย Does yourย site loadย quickly?

5.ย Have aย taglineย in place near your logo which describes what you do.

6.ย Have you given your customers a clear ‘call to action?’

7.ย Are your clients and customers able toย contactย you easily?

These are just some of the key points to remember when you have a site created. At CMM we are able to help you through this process to provide you with a ‘shop window’ your clients would want to browse.

If you want to chat further about what we can do for you please give us a call on ย 01202 882 225