So much has happened since we arrived in England during the summer of 1997 from Cape Town, South Africa with our family. Emigrating is not for the faint-hearted but requires a willingness to change and adapt to new surroundings and lifestyles, without losing your own identity. It has been a real adventure packed with challenges and one which I believe will continue on this journey we call life.

Construction Marketing that delivers results

I have been fortunate enough to generate £Ms of work for my clients over the last decade. That same process can benefit your business. By working from your office or remotely I can do the same for your construction business. My modus operandi is to work from the office of a consultant (Architect, Engineer, Surveyor, CDM Consultant)  contractor (either Building or Specialist) or supplier and set up a relational process to generate new business opportunities either by negotiating with work providers to send enquiries or to set high-quality appointments for you. This process will work well for your construction business.

About us – Connecting, Sharing and People

Your business will benefit from the twenty years of experience in marketing. The key to success for consultants and contractors alike is the highly relational way we can influence their buying decisions. The real benefit of the service is ‘getting your share of the market.’ Marketing is all about people and building relationships rather than ‘hard sell pressure tactics’.

About us – We can help you reach more customers

Like me, most people running a business today will be aware of how quickly a day, week or month goes by. There seems to be little time to sit quietly and think creatively about the best way to develop your own business. One of the biggest concerns is generating enough work to provide a profitable business and achieve the goals you’ve set. This is particularly true in our current financial climate!

One of the best ways to market your business is through the nurturing of good working relationships. I guess that is why social networking and social media marketing is so popular today. It is a feather in our cap when we get a referral and hopefully, this will happen often. However, in reality, relationships need to be cultivated and this will take time. This is where you might consider bringing in a freelance marketing consultant who will become a part of your team and help to develop your client base.

CMM will work with you in this process of developing good relationships with work providers. There is no hard sell here only the persistent and consistent contact process to achieve the purpose of new business opportunities. You can then get on to other aspects of business development and leave the marketing to us.

We will Connect You with the right Clients

We are a small company specialising in Construction Marketing and have done for a long time.  We have developed a straightforward yet effective process which can be tailored to your requirements. Our commitment is to help you develop good working business relationships with work providers to ensure you have a return on your investment. We work with Architects, Engineers, CDM Consultants, Environmental & Ecology Consultants, Building Contractors and Specialist Contractors. Why not follow us on Twitter, or take a look around LinkedIn.

We also work in partnership with Web and Graphic Designers as well as Photo and Video specialists,  to achieve our client’s goals.

Construction Marketing Media works on site within Dorset, Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire and will consider working remotely when required to for clients further afield.